Visit Grover Hot Springs State Park in Your RV

Cabin in Grover Hot Springs State Park

Located near Markleeville in northern California and surrounded by scenic mountains and alpine forests, Grover Hot Springs State Park is a picturesque getaway nestled in a valley of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

What to Do

The obvious thing to do is to relax in the hot springs. You’ll notice that the springs have an unusual green color, but there’s no cause for alarm. It’s simply the bromine they use to disinfect the water (a chemical that’s commonly used in hot tubs) reacting with the mineral deposits in the water to create the greenish hue.

The water in the park’s two pools is supplied by six thermal springs. The hottest pool is kept at 104 degrees Fahrenheit at maximum, which is perfect for relaxing.

While the hot springs are the major draw of the park, there are also plenty of other things to do when you visit besides soaking in the springs, especially if you can RV camp. Hiking around the park is encouraged: the evergreen glades and mountain scenery make the area particularly beautiful, even for northern California. There are over a dozen hiking trails to choose from, including one that takes you by some waterfalls on Hot Springs Creek.

Where to Stay

You can stay right at the park with your RV. There are 76 sites at the campground, many of them large enough to accommodate your rig. Call ahead to reserve a spot with hookups. There are also several campgrounds and RV parks nearby if Grover Hot Springs happens to have no vacancies.

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