Must-Have Accessories for Outdoor Comfort

If your RV is like your house when you’re traveling, then what’s your patio? Well, it’s whatever patch of grass is outside your RV’s door. Though you’ll notice that there’s not much else besides grass. You need some basic outdoor comforts if you’re going to enjoy spending time outside your RV on a nice day. If you don’t have one of these items yet, be sure to stop by Pan Pacific RV’s parts and accessories store to pick it up!

Folding Chairs

Folding chairs are your best friend around any campground or RV park. They make a great portable and impromptu sitting solution for your life on the go, whether you’re trying to eat a meal outside, watch the sunset over the lake, or simply taking it easy on a beautiful day, folding chairs are a must-have for anyone traveling in an RV.

A Collapsible Awning

If your RV doesn’t have an awning included, you’re going to want a collapsible awning on board. On a rainy day this spring when you want to use those aforementioned folding chairs while you grill some steaks outside, you’ll be glad you have an awning over your head to keep you nice and dry. And on hot summer days an awning is invaluable as a means to keep you cool and unburnt by the sun.

An Outdoor Grill

Speaking of grilling steaks outdoors while it rains, you need a good outdoor grill to do that. Find something that’s relatively lightweight and small so that it’s easy to pack when you need to hit the road again, but that’s also of a good quality from a trustworthy brand. While your RV’s kitchen is more than adequate for making meals, grilling outdoors at all of the beautiful places you visit in your RV is a real treat.

Visit Pan Pacific RV

If you’re traveling through Northern California this spring, be sure to stop by Pan Pacific RV for any of your RV needs. From service to parts and accessories, Pan Pacific RV can help make your season of RVing easier.