What to Pack for Winter RV Getaways

Snowy Mountain Road

California is mild even in the winter, but if you’re planning on heading to colder climes, it’s good to know that winter RV travel is often more demanding than hitting the road in the summer months. Travelers need to take extra precautions to stay safe on undesirable road conditions and keep cozy on cold winter nights. The following winter RV supplies will help you enjoy the coldest travel season as much as the warmer ones.

Heavy Fabric Curtains

When you hit the road in the winter months, you’ll probably be surprised by how drafty your RV feels. However, you don’t have to spend a fortune to properly insulate your RV. Use heavy fabric curtains, or make your own, to keep the cold from coming in through doorways,¬†windows and stairwells.

An RV Skirt

Many four-season¬†RVs are equipped with insulated or even heated bays, but those who travel in less equipped RVs (which is far more common) should use an RV skirt to keep the tanks from freezing in consistently frigid temperatures. If you don’t have a proper RV skirt, packing snow around your coach, up to the bays, can keep your RV insulated for months until the snow melts. Extreme freezes may require you to place an electric space heater under your coach until the ice-cold temperatures pass.

Heated Mattress Pad

Nobody wants to crawl into a freezing cold bed at night, and a heated mattress pad can easily solve that problem. Use the preheat function to warm your bed minutes before you hop in, and you’ll look forward to going to bed each night. Keep your heated mattress pad on a low setting for an extended amount of time, and as the heat rises, your RV’s bedroom will warm as well.

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Get Crafty this Valentine’s Day

Valentine day handmade scrapbooking background, cut and paste hearts card

Instead of buying a gift, why not get crafty with your Valentine’s Day? These DIY projects will add that special touch that’s so important when giving a gift to someone you love.

Bake a Heart-Shaped Cake

Buy your favorite cake mix or make your favorite recipe from scratch – once in a square pan and another time in a rounded pan. After both cakes have been baked, cut the round cake in half and turn the square one onto a corner, then place the round halves onto the diamond so it makes a heart shape. Decorate with frosting and toppings as you see fit!

Personalize Some Stones

This one is just for a fun little knick-knack. Get some smooth, rounded stones and use paint, glitter, and other applications to give them all personalized Valentine decorations. You can even write special messages on them.

Get Creative with the Wrapping

If you’re going to wrap your DIY gift, or even if you just bought something at the store, you can also make the wrapping special. One way to do this is to take a sheet of sturdy paper that you’ll use to wrap your gift. Cut out a small heart shape and use it as a stencil to trace hearts on this wrapping paper. After you’ve traced the desired number of hearts, cut along half of each heart shape and then fold back each one so that you’ve got half of the heart acting as a door of sorts. Behind each of these cutouts (on the side of the wrapping paper that will not be visible), tape or glue red glitter paper. Your wrapping paper will now have a distinct, uniquely DIY look to it!

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Things that Every RVer Should Own


While the range of equipment and items you can store in your RV and take on the road with you is extensive (and largely dependent on your travels and hobbies), there are certain items that every RVer should own regardless of the climates they frequent, the seasons they travel in, and the activities that they enjoy.

Here’s Pan Pacific RV’s list of must-have RV items:

1. Dedicated RV GPS Device

While you may like your collection of paper maps or simply use your tablet or phone’s GPS app, a dedicated RV GPS device goes miles beyond the capabilities of either. Paper maps can’t route or adjust and they certainly never update to changing conditions. Tablets and phones, on the other hand, aren’t taking motorhomes into account. GPS devices specifically made with RVs in mind can be programmed to take your RV’s height and weight into account, automatically avoiding routes that would take you under overpasses too low for your rig or over bridges that can’t handle its weight.

2. Cast Iron Cookware

When equipping the galley of your RV, avoid simply packing up your house’s cooking set. Cast iron is much better for your life on the road. A single set can be used not only on the range, but in the oven as well. Add to that their ability to withstand a campfire and you’ve got the only cookware you’ll need to handle any situation you throw at it.

3. Folding Step Stool

A great item to have whenever you need a small boost to your reach, a folding step stool doesn’t take up much room and can be stowed in virtually any spare vertical space that you have.

4. Protecting Your Vital Documents and Information

To safeguard your important documents back home (or especially if you’ve given up your brick-and-mortar abode for a full-time life on the road) it’s a good idea to have somewhere secure to store them. Buying a small fire and water proof safe is a good first step. For anything digital, you can purchase an encrypted USB drive, which can also go into the safe.

5. Bikes

A couple of bicycles are great additions to fill out your equipment complement, especially if you don’t have a car or SUV in tow. Not only good for bike trails at your more natural destinations, they’re also good for getting around urban environments or running a quick errand into the nearby town.

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