Must-See Road Trip Attractions in California


California is a state of diverse landscapes and even more diverse cities. From the ultra trendy beaches of Southern California to must visit waterfalls, happening boardwalks and the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, there are so many roadside attractions in the Golden State, you’ll have to pay more than one visit. However, the following three sites are ones you definitely shouldn’t miss on your next visit.

Visit Venice Beach

The Venice Beach boardwalk is practically one giant roadside attraction littered with shops, eateries, attractions and the iconic Muscle Beach outdoor gym. No road trip to California would be complete without walking along the boardwalk admiring musicians, purchasing hand made crafts, buying cheesy souvenirs and enjoying a beer or two while watching the colorful characters walk by.

Admire Morro Rock

Cruise north from Santa Barbara and slightly northeast of San Luis Obispo and you’ll find the dreamy town of Morro Bay. Enjoy the quiet, low-key feel of the town (unlike many other California beach towns) by cruising between shops and eateries, then head to the Morro Bay State Park, where you’ll find beachcombers laying on the sand and hiking to catch a glimpse of Morro Rock. It’s easy to spend hours relaxing on the sand, snapping photos of the rock and admiring some of California’s best coastal scenery.

Ride the Giant Dipper

Any cruise along the Pacific Coast Highway requires a ride on the route’s most famous roller coaster. The historic Giant Dipper roller coaster is located on the Santa Cruz boardwalk and remains the fifth oldest coaster in the U.S. In fact, the coaster is such a Santa Cruz staple that it was named a National Historic Landmark by the U.S. National Park Service in 1987.

The state of California is littered with countless must-see natural and manmade sites. There’s no better way to access all of them than in the comfort and convenience of a new or used RV from Pan Pacific RV. Stop in and see us in French Camp, Morgan Hill or Sacramento to start your dream RV lifestyle today.

Solar Energy for Your RV


Solar panels are essential for RV travelers who want spend more time off the cord and without running their generators. However, understanding which solar panels to use and how to use them can be intimidating for those who are new to this innovative power trend. The following guide will help you understand solar panels more fully, so you can start easing your negative impact on the environment and enjoying a more convenient RV lifestyle.

The Basics of Solar Power

Solar panels include photovoltaic cells that convert energy from the sun into electricity. Panels are rated in watts of output, and that wattage rating is found by multiplying the panel’s peak power amperage by its peak power voltage. Factors like cell temperature, shade, angle of sunlight and amount of sunlight can affect how much voltage you receive from your solar panels.

The Benefits of Solar Power

The benefits of solar power never cease. You’ll find yourself spending more time in more scenic areas when you’re not tied to power cords. You’ll also give back to those scenic places by harmlessly creating your RV’s power from the sun. Even more, you’ll save money by not having to reserve spaces at costly RV parks and nearly eliminating the use of your generator.

What You’ll Need

A low-power RV solar setup can power your fantastic fan, lights and keep your batteries charged while you’re enjoying life off the grid. If this is what you’re seeking, a basic 12-volt system with a 55-watt module should do the trick. However, if you’d like to power your lights, fantastic fan, laptop, charge cell phones and watch television, a 12-volt medium system would include two 140-watt modules.

However, understanding your specific power needs and the solar panel setup to provide those needs is complicated. Our certified RV technicians here at Pan Pacific RV can help you understand the exact setup you’ll need and will help you create that setup for an affordable price. We’ll also help you take 25-percent off of that setup through our current solar energy sale!

It’s Almost National Park Week!


National Park Week is one of the best weeks of the year. It’s our country’s largest celebration of national heritage, and it’s a time when you can visit your favorite national parks for free. The National Parks Service wants your family to discover what is so special about all of the natural environments and historic sites they’ve preserved, so they’ll be offering a number of special events in addition to free admission to help you make the most of your getaway.

When Is National Park Week?

National Park Week will be held from April 16 to 24, and it’s a time in which you can visit any national park admission free.

Other National Park Week Events

National Park Week is loaded with events that encourage and engage kids and adults. Junior Ranger Day will be held on April 16, so kids can earn a junior ranger badge and take part in fun and educational programs offered at each park.

Earth day, on April 22, also takes place during National Park Week. This is the perfect day for you to take part in a project that helps preserve or improve a national park. You can find a list of places where you can help on the National Park Service website.

Park RX Day will be held on April 24. This is a day when national parks will hold exciting recreational activities to promote physical and mental well being. There’s no better way to get outside and have some fun than at a national park, whether it’s near or far.

Visit Someplace New

The National Parks Service website offers a long list of ideas for your upcoming visit to a national park. Whether you’re searching for a park near you or are gathering ideas for your next getaway, the National Parks Service is always willing to help.

Start Your Adventure Here

Before you hit the road for National Park Week, be sure to stop and see us at Pan Pacific RV in French Camp, Morgan Hill or Sacramento.